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Everyday people wear different colors of clothes, but do you know how these colors come from? Clothes are made of various fibers, and the key to color lies in the dyeing of the fibers. In this process, color masterbatch may be used. Masterbatch is the key to changing color. So, what are the differences between Single masterbatchs and polychromatic masterbatches in the chromatic masterbatch family?

Single masterbatch masterbatch is a color master batch made on the basis of red, yellow and blue primary colors.

Color masterbatch is a color masterbatch made according to the special requirements of customers.

So the Single masterbatch only has three colors? Is the polychromatic masterbatch the color prepared with those three colors?

Single masterbatchis not only red, yellow, blue three colors, because some color chroma and color light problems, there will be several kinds of red or blue, and some purple, green. The multi-color master is a color that is blended according to different requirements of customers in different proportions and can be used directly by customers.

Yantai Bright Color Plastic Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2005, is located in Zhaoyuan City, the coastal city of Shandong Peninsula, which is famous for its gold. It is located in the east of provincial road S608 (2.5km south of Zhaoyuan exit, Longkou Development Zone, Weiwu Expressway). From Yantai more than 60 kilometers, Qingdao airport only 100 kilometers, the traffic is very convenient. Is a professional production, research and development, sales of color masterbatch and plastic machinery comprehensive high-tech enterprises;

The company's masterbatch products are made of high-quality imported and domestic raw materials and pigments, and are produced by the advanced wet superfine grinding technology at home and abroad. The quality is stable and reliable, and the products have been used by many middle and high-end customers at home and abroad. The annual production capacity of the company is more than 5000 tons.

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