Yantai Langcai Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2005,located in “Golden City”Zhaoyuan, Shandong seaside; Langcai is the high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing all kinds of Plastic Masterbatch and Plastic Machinery.
Langcai Masterbatch selects the high-quality imported and domestic materials and pigments with the advanced Wet Ultra-fine Grinding Technology , so their quality is stable and reliable and now Langcai Masterbatch is highly recognized by foreign and domestic middle-high end users.


Langcai Masterbatch has annual production capacity 5000mt, mainly including:
  Chemical Fiber Masterbatch:
PP Fiber Masterbatch(for non-woven fabrics, BCF, PP Filament Yarn), Polyester Masterbatch, Poly-amide Fiber Masterbatch

  Plastic Masterbatch:

Injection Molding, Blowing Molding, Coated,Wiredrawing etc
  Chemical Fiber Functional Masterbatch:
Flame Retardant Masterbatch,Anti-aging Maserbatch,Hydrophilic Masterbatch,Anti-Baterial Mastrbatch,Antistatic Masterbatch,Smoothing Masterbatch,Softening Masterbatch etc
Langcai Masterbatch can pass the REACH,ROHS,America ASTM F963,EU AP(1)

       Color oil (liquid color masterbatch):

 The company's new product--color oil cites international advanced technology. The color oil after dispersing treatment by international advanced equipment is more easily dispersed and easy to operate. The final product has superior performance and can produce 100,000 annual color oil. Ton.


Langcai machinery products including equipment for non woven fabric, equipment for fiber spinning, single/twin screw extruder etc


Langcai has the professional production machines, advanced testing equipment, high-quality management team, a high level of R & D personnel, as well as a large number of well-trained skilled workers,Langcai has ISO9001 Certification
Yantai Langcai Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd follows the "FOCUS,INNOVATION,HONESTY,WIN-WIN “business philosophy and Langcai is willing to provide customers with a full range, diversification, wide service level products and service.




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