[What are the advantages of products woven with chemical fiber masterbatches?]
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At present, most of the chemical fiber (chemical fiber filaments) is inseparable from the production process, and these colorimets are small, and their woven chemical fiber masterbatchs are more environmentally friendly, and the functions are more diversified. The trend of the times.

In the "low-carbon economy", energy-saving and emission reduction causes China and foreign high attention, the chemical fiber textile industry is looking for a single-species cleaner dyeing method to solve the environmental protection problem of long-term dyeing links. At present, there are two ways to color coloration: coloration and textile coloration after spinning. It is a recognized environmentally friendly coloring method using color masterbatch method.

The positive particles are polyester or nylon 6 with a mixture of pigments (or a dye fused to polyester or nylon melt). The content of the dye is as high as 30% to 40% wt in the carrier. The production of color masterbatch is mixed with a particular screw to mix the molten polyester or nylon in a predetermined ratio with a pigment or dye to sell in a slice. The principle of pigment selection is: good compatibility with polyester or nylon 6, high temperatures from about 300 ° C, good dispersibility in the carrier, and other firmness against fibers (such as light resistance, washing, wear resistant .

The development prospects of chemical fiber masterbatch are broad. With the adjustment of industrial policies and the continuous strengthening of policy support for energy conservation and emission reduction enterprises, masterbatch coloring is gradually occupying the market share of traditional dyeing processes. Taking polyester, which is more than 80% of China's chemical fiber production, the current demand for color masterbatch is about 250,000 tons, and is also growing at 30% per year. However, my country's polyester fibrous masterbatch production is only about 30,000 tons in 2007, and is mostly medium and low-end conventional products. Due to Dan Dan, the demand for supercleine fiber particles and functional parent market demand is urgent.

Specifically, the above is, but the overall summary is a single sentence, and the color masterbench fiber is a fiber product produced by the colored mother-in-law method.

Chemical fiber masterbatch also develops in the direction of multi-function, diverse, in response to the slogan of "sustainable development", "green economy", let us witness the future chemical fiber masterbatch-made parenta make more contributions.

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