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Why choose high-quality functional masterbatch? First, we must understand the structural characteristics of the functional masterbatch:

Excellent functional masterbatch can lay a cushion for the processing and production of good products. In the process of plastic processing and production, it is often necessary to add various functional masterbatch to achieve special application effects, such as whitening the plastic, or making it have certain Anti-ultraviolet and other special effects.

The smaller the functional mother particle size, the denser the resulting mixture. However, the smaller the particle size of the same kind of solid, the easier it is for the particles to adsorb and agglomerate each other. This kind of agglomeration is not easy to open when mixed with another solid particle, and it is also difficult to disperse in the plastic melt. Powders with a wide particle size distribution are denser than those with a narrow particle size distribution.

The powders with high hardness such as ceramic powder and inorganic antibacterial agent in the functional masterbatch will cause serious wear on the surface of the mixing equipment, which not only reduces the service life of the equipment, but also makes the mixture color dark and gray, and directly turns black when serious.

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