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What is the functional masterbatch used for?

Functional masterbatch refers to various plastic additives or chemical fiber concentrates. The color is generally white or translucent. Adding additives directly in the form of masterbatch is not easy to disperse. Common functional masterbatches are antibacterial masterbatches, flame retardant masterbatches, antistatic masterbatches, filled masterbatches, cooling masterbatches, formaldehyde-resistant masterbatches, UV-resistant masterbatches, far infrared masterbatches, hydrophilic masterbatches, soft masterbatches Grains, negative oxygen ion masterbatch, etc.

The antistatic masterbatch is obtained by mixing and extruding the carrier and antistatic system at high speed, and then cutting the pellets to reduce the surface resistance of the material. Antistatic masterbatch is mainly used in chemical fiber apparel, plastic products and other fields, which can make its surface resistance value reach 108-10Ω, and has good antistatic effect. Adding this product to plastic or chemical fiber materials can avoid the static electricity generated due to the insulating properties of the polymer itself, so that it can adapt to the packaging requirements of the product and the production of special antistatic products. For example, electronic screens.

According to different needs, functional masterbatches also have many different classifications and uses!

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