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Since the beginning of the year, there has been a continuous shortage of medical protective equipment and raw materials, which has provided new issues and needs for industrial cluster enterprises. In the first quarter, Hubei Xiantao, Zhejiang Changxing, Zhejiang Xialu, Zhejiang Yiwu, Jiangsu Zhenzhou, Zhejiang Xiaojiang, Shandong Changle, Jiangsu Rudong and other medical and health-related industrial cluster enterprises have met market demand through expansion of production.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Xiantao City has completed the "1 + 6" layout in Pengchang Township within a short period of time, that is, one main material raw material company and 6 medical protective clothing companies, and rushed to make "battles" for front-line medical staff. Now, Xiantao More than 300 non-woven fabric enterprises resumed work. Now that the domestic epidemic situation continues to improve, Pengchang non-woven enterprises immediately turned to the international epidemic prevention supplies. According to Zhou Zhihong, Secretary of the Xiantao Municipal Party Committee, there are 146 self-exported enterprises in Xiantao City. Over 80% of the non-woven products are mainly exported. Xiantao's foreign trade order transaction volume has reached 500 million yuan, and will increase by more than 40% in the later period. Most enterprise orders have been placed in mid-May.

In addition to the medical and health fields, the field of environmental emergency monitoring has also achieved favorable development. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment newly issued the “Emergency Surveillance Plan for the Response to New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia” stipulates that the emergency early warning monitoring of the air and surface water environment during the prevention and control of the outbreak, the application of air filtration and liquid filtration in hospitals and other units, especially drinking Water quality monitoring of water sources is the focus of work, which provides technical upgrades and development for air and surface water environmental quality monitoring equipment manufacturers, environmental quality automatic monitoring, operation and maintenance guarantee companies, emergency monitoring plan data analysis platform companies, and raw material supply companies. demand. The two major industrial clusters of Jiangsu Funing and Zhejiang Tiantai are important production bases for air and liquid filtration products. The improvement of environmental quality is inseparable from their products, and most of the enterprises in the cluster have remained optimistic.

The epidemic also affected some non-protective products in clusters. In the first quarter, due to the request of the local government to postpone the resumption of construction for engineering companies, the project was delayed, which directly affected the overall duration of the project and could not be expected. At the same time, due to factors such as the current double labor costs, logistics costs, and the suspension of production of service companies, service production operation clusters, such as some transportation companies, monitoring platform companies, exhibitions, etc., are delayed due to the epidemic situation or can not start construction, resulting in the effectiveness of major enterprises Underplayed.

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