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How is the functional masterbatch processed?

Traditional plastic functional masterbatch processing methods can be divided into three types: two-roll milling method, dense mixing method, and extrusion method according to the process route. Common equipment includes twin-roller, single-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, and dense mixing Machine and other mixing equipment.

The functional masterbatch prepared by this method has the disadvantages of uneven distribution of the auxiliary agent on the carrier resin, poor cross-sectional adhesion of the auxiliary agent and the carrier resin, and complicated production procedures.

In view of the above deficiencies, many new processing technologies have been developed. New functional masterbatch processing technologies include (1) carrier resin selection and processing technology; (2) polymer packaging technology; (3) liquid phase blending method; (4 ) Melt phase blending method; (5) Molecular self-assembly technique, etc.

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