[Impact of the epidemic on the ]
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Analysis of the data can reflect the following:

1. Impact of resumption of work. At present, the operating rate of enterprises in the cluster has reached more than 96%. For example, the operating rate of clusters in Youxi, Changxing and other places is 100%; in Xiantao area, 90%. Compared with normal years, the delayed start-up enterprises accounted for more than 98%. Among them, the medical and health enterprises started earlier, and the supply of raw materials affected by the start-up and transportation basically returned to normal. Spunbond, meltblown, spunlace and downstream enterprises have strong production demand and are expected to exceed 2019 output values.

2. Delay in construction affects the company's annual revenue by 6%, and isolation factors affect the company's employee attendance rate of 80%.

3. Investment is shifting to the medical and health field.

4. At present, the main problem is that the raw materials and downstream demand are not synchronized, and there is still a certain impact. Secondly, some employees from different places have not arrived, and the production capacity has not been fully released.

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