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Shape new quality productivity build dream textile technology future
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Shape new quality productivity build dream textile technology future

Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, pointed out in the summary that in the past year, the association has achieved good results in terms of political security ability, industry support ability, systematic professional ability, organizational reengineering ability and team cultural capacity building. The industry has achieved remarkable results in scientific and technological innovation and competitiveness enhancement, industrial foundation and value chain upgrading, application expansion and industrial chain integration. The current industry is also facing the supply side can not fully meet the needs of all levels; Leading enterprises and backbone clusters have developed rapidly, but the scale and intensification of industrial organizations are generally not high. Number of economic challenges such as the difference between knowledge and action. The association should focus on the development of new quality productivity layout industry chain; Focus on promoting new industrialization to promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation; Promote the transformation of production mode around the digital transformation of the industry; Promote the sustainable development of the industry around green and low-carbon.

In the future, the industry will take the development strategy of new industrialization and high-end manufacturing industry as the goal, benchmark the world's advanced level, based on "high technology, high efficiency and high quality", promote transformation by innovation, expand the market by high-end application, enhance the value by brand construction, enhance the strong foundation by management, and build a modern industrial system of China's industrial textiles. At the same time, the Middle Class Association held the branch meeting to convey the relevant policies of the state on the work of the association and the Chamber of Commerce in recent years, and each branch summarized the work and reported the results.

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