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What are the uses of plastic masterbatches?
Release date: [2024/5/27]  Read total of [54] times

Plastic masterbatch is PE, PP, ABS and other as the carrier, the selection of imported and domestic high-quality raw materials, inorganic/organic pigments and auxiliaries, through the twin-screw extruder granulator.

The most commonly used key raw materials in plastic processing, the masterbatch contains the auxiliary ingredients required in plastic molding processing, but its performance is different from the resin, but also different from the auxiliary, but it can not be directly used to make molded products, so in fact, it can only be used as an intermediate material for plastic processing.

However, due to the similar shape of the plastic masterbatch and the molding resin, it is easy to use, and dust-free and pollution-free; The functional components have been evenly dispersed in the carrier resin to obtain high-quality molding products; Easy to measure, easy to manage, high batch to batch stability. Therefore, the plastic masterbatch has the advantages of environmental friendliness, process stability, quality reliability, and ease of use, so it has become a key raw material often used in plastic processing.

Plastic packaging material is one of the important uses of plastics, this kind of packaging material has light weight but good mechanical properties, suitable barrier and permeability, good chemical stability, good molding performance and low processing cost, and has good secondary processing and decoration, so it has become the largest amount of metal, ceramic, paper, plastic and fiber packaging materials, the most widely used packaging material.

Plastic masterbatch provides a solution to improve the application suitability of plastic packaging materials.

The purpose of packaging is to protect items, facilitate use and provide product information. In the molding processing of plastic packaging materials, by adding plastic masterbatch, it can not only provide the required color for the packaging materials, but also improve the processing performance and fastness of plastics (such as light resistance, heat resistance, migration resistance), in addition, it can also increase other application functions (such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antistatic, barrier). It provides a perfect solution for improving the application suitability of plastic packaging materials.

Product properties of plastic masterbatch: uniform dispersion, strong coloring power, high hiding ability

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