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The economic operation of my country's printing and dyeing industry has started steadily and is making progress.
Release date: [2024/5/13]  Read total of [65] times

In the first quarter of 2024, as the effects of my country's macroeconomic mix policies continue to be released, the recovery of the national economy continues to consolidate, the demand advantages of my country's ultra-large-scale market gradually become apparent, the endogenous power of economic development further strengthens, and at the same time, the global economy ushered in an overall recovery. , inflationary pressure in major developed economies has slowed down, and consumer demand for textiles and clothing in the international market has picked up, helping my country's printing and dyeing industry achieve a good start in economic operations. In the first quarter, the production situation of my country's printing and dyeing industry was good, the output of printed and dyed fabrics achieved steady growth, the export scale of main products increased steadily, the quality and efficiency of development gradually improved, the industry's operating income and total profits maintained rapid growth, and corporate profitability was significantly restored. A good foundation has been laid for achieving smooth operation throughout the year.

my country's exports to major markets have shown a trend of rising volume and price. In the first quarter, my country's exports of eight major categories of printing and dyeing products to ASEAN and RCEP trading countries increased by 8.40% and 7.23% respectively, and the average export unit price increased by 3.26% and 2.04% respectively. The growth rates were both higher than the overall export growth rate. From the perspective of major single countries, exports to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brazil, India and other countries have achieved rapid growth. Among them, exports to Vietnam have the most obvious growth rate, with export quantity and export value increasing significantly by 32.07% and 38.59% respectively year-on-year; to Indonesia The exports of countries such as Myanmar, Myanmar, Russia, and Pakistan have shown a downward trend in both volume and price. Among them, Indonesia and Russia have experienced year-on-year declines mainly due to a higher base in the same period last year, while Pakistan has continued its downward trend since 2023.

Generally speaking, in the first quarter, the economic operation of my country's printing and dyeing industry started smoothly and made progress while maintaining stability. The main economic indicators maintained a good growth trend. Enterprises' development confidence continued to increase, and the driving force for economic recovery was further strengthened. Looking forward to the second quarter and the whole year, the international situation faced by the printing and dyeing industry is still complex and severe. The global economy is still in the recovery period, the spillover effects of high inflation will still have a long-term impact on the economic recovery process, and the endogenous driving force for improvement in external demand still needs to be consolidated; geopolitical conflicts are still disturbing, and international trade protectionism has intensified, which will have a negative impact on the global industrial chain and The stability of the supply chain will have a lasting impact and will also increase economic operating costs, which poses a challenge to the foreign trade of my country's printing and dyeing industry. But we must also note that positive factors supporting the industry's economic recovery are also continuing to accumulate. The stable and improving macroeconomic situation provides a solid guarantee for promoting the steady development of the industry. A powerful and effective policy combination will boost industry development confidence and improve development expectations. The super-large domestic demand market potential combined with the consumption upgrading trend provides an important basis for the high-quality development of the industry. opportunity. In the next step, the industry must continue to make efforts in transforming methods, adjusting structure, improving quality, and increasing efficiency, leading "stable throughout the year" with a "stable start", and continuously consolidating and enhancing the positive economic recovery trend.

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