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Application of single color masterbatch?
Release date: [2024/5/6]  Read total of [70] times

Most of the products in daily use of masterbatch are added with masterbatch of various colors, so that people buy products of various colors according to their own preferences. The main differences between single masterbatch and multi-color masterbatch are What about those?

Single masterbatch is a color masterbatch based on the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Monochromatic masterbatch is made by mixing pre-dispersed pigments produced by wet grinding technology with PP/PE and granulating them with twin screws.

Single masterbatch product features:

u Color masterbatch standardization

u Small filter pressure value and good dispersion

u Reduce costs

u Completely environmentally friendly, can pass RoHS, REACH

Application of single masterbatch?

Users only need to provide the required pigment index number and some technical indicators to order. It is very suitable for companies with many types of pigments and small quantities to purchase and mix colors themselves to reduce costs.

Packaging: 25kg paper-plastic composite bag

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