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What is plastic masterbatch?
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What is plastic masterbatch?

The so-called plastic masterbatch refers to a plastic mixture containing a percentage of colorant, of which the colorant content is as high as 20% to 80%, which is the pigment refined and fully dispersed to the resin or dispersant into a variety of color granules.

Plastic masterbatch is usually composed of three parts: coloring agent, carrier resin and dispersant, and sometimes a small amount of plastic additives such as lubricant, antioxidant and heat stabilizer are added to improve the performance of a certain aspect of the color masterbatch.

When the color masterbatch is used in production, the dispersing agent can be evenly dispersed, the color is accurate, and the coloring quality is higher. The proportion is convenient to use at the same time; Operation almost no dust, clean production environment; It has high production efficiency and is widely used in coloring plastic formulations. There are many varieties of color masterbatches, according to their different ranges of use, generally can be divided into special color masterbatches and general color masterbatches, at present, most of them are special color masterbatches for a certain type of plastic coloring. Such as polyolefin color masterbatch, nylon color masterbatch, ABS color masterbatch, PVC color masterbatch.

The above is the relevant content of plastic masterbatch.

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