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Have you learned the storage method of chemical fiber masterbatch?
Release date: [2024/4/1]  Read total of [35] times

Chemical fiber masterbatch description: According to customer requirements by monochromatic masterbatch color matching. Monochrome masterbatch is mixed by pigment and PP/PE, granulation by twin screw, mainly used for the production of multi-color masterbatch, less investment, clean and environmental protection for polymer fiber coloring.

Application of chemical fiber masterbatch: BCF, FDY, PP short fiber, non-woven fabric, etc.

Chemical fiber masterbatches are divided into: black, porcelain white, red, fluorescent whitening, green, blue, fluorescent pink, and other types of colored polypropylene masterbatches. We can also match colors according to customer requirements.

Have you learned the storage method of chemical fiber masterbatch?

Chemical fiber masterbatch packaging storage: The product adopts double-layer packaging, the inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, the outer layer is paper-plastic composite bag. Standard packing 25kg/bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, under the cushion, avoid sun, rain, masterbatch color quality of up to 5 years. The remaining parts should be re-sealed after opening the bag to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.

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