Antimicrobial masterbatch

Antimicrobial masterbatch


Antimicrobial masterbatch Description:

Antimicrobial Masterbatch Masterbatch: I plant newly developed superior performance masterbatch. Imported antistatic agents and related auxiliaries is made with non-toxic and harmless to meet the health standards and stable optical performance.

Antibacterial Masterbatch masterbatch polypropylene resin as the carrier used in polypropylene filament yarn, BCF, non-woven fabric, PP injection molding and films.
Polymer with high volume resistivity, the advantage is that electrical insulation is good, but from another point of view, because the polymer high resistivity, easy to accumulate a charge, it makes the surface prone to static electricity, when static electricity accumulated to a certain extent will sudden discharge, sparks, which can lead to many negative effects appear in the plastics processing and product packaging. Antistatic Masterbatch, than ever directly add liquid, powder or paste an antistatic agent dispersed more easily achieve the desired antistatic effect.

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